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About Us

Beyond Bronzed & Smoothie, LLC is a one-of-a-kind salon in Milledgeville, Georgia open since May 2020. We have premium tanning beds, personalized spray tans, red light therapy, a fully functioning hair salon, and sell Herbalife loaded teas and shakes. In addition, we offer full face waxing! We are the only salon in the city that offers this unique combination of services. We love the support of our customers and are so thankful to be on this journey with you all! Come out and see us, our staff cannot wait to meet you!

Beach Time



  • Level 2 - 12 minute ProSun Onyx

  • Level 3 - 10 minute ProSun V3

  • Level 4 - 15 minute Ergoline 65

SUNLESS TANNING: The VersaSpa is an automated spray tan booth that provides a full-body tan in minutes. We offer the Norvell Venetian solution that is designed to match your skin color and counter the unwanted orange tones for a more natural-looking tan.

RED LIGHT THERAPY: A natural therapy designed to aid faster healing, immune boosting, anti-aging, mood-enhancing & more! The red light emits no UV rays and will not tan your skin. It increases circulation, promotes collagen production, clears sores, decreases the appearance of scars, stretch marks, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and more!

COCOON FITNESS POD: A natural weight loss and purification system designed to help manage weight, slim, firm, and tone. It is suitable for all fitness levels and weight management programs. It has high-heat wellness technology and ultra-relaxing massage for post-workout recovery.

HAIR SALON: We have an hairstylist professional that can perform a range of services from a hair cut to a balayage, even special event styling. Book with Hope today!

WAXING: We have a licensed esthetician that is offering facial waxing. 



Level 2 – 12 Minute Bronzing Bed 

o 1 Session: $10

o 5 Visits: $40

o 1 Month: $55


Level 3 – Stand Up Bed

o 1 Session: $15

o 5 Visits: $40

o 1 Month: $65


Level 4 – Turbo Bed 

o 1 Session: $15

o 5 Visits: $50

o 1 Month: $75


Red Light Therapy 

o 1 Session: $15

o 5 Visits: $35

o 1 Month: $55

VersaSpa Spray Tans:

o 1 Session: $35

o 5 Sessions: $150

o 10 Sessions: $250

Double Dip Package:

o 1 Session  : $40

o 5 Sessions  :  $175

o 10 Sessions  : $300 


Wellness Pod:

o 1 Session  : $25

o 1 Month: $95


All-Inclusive Package: 

o 1 Month: $85

o (Excludes VersaSpa & Cocoon Pod)

All-Inclusive Plus Package: 

o 1 Month: $105

o (Excludes VersaSpa)

All-Inclusive Contract:

o 3 Month Contract: $70 per month

o 6 Month Contract: $60 per month

o Can be paid monthly or in full!

o (Excludes VersaSpa & Cocoon Pod)

All-Inclusive Plus Contract:

o 3 Month Contract: $90 per month

o 6 Month Contract: $80 per month

o Can be paid monthly or in full!

o (Excludes VersaSpa)

Red Light Therapy:

o 6 Month Contract: $40 per month

o Can be paid monthly or in full!

Facial Waxing:

o Eyebrow: $10

o Eyebrow Wax & Tint: $22

o Lip: $8

o Nose: $8

o Chin: $10

o Ears: $8

o Neck Line: $8

o Eye Lip Chin: $22

o Eye & Lip: $17

o Eyebrow Tint: $17

o Sides of Face: $8

o Full Face: $28



Hope does an amazing job on my hair. She is super sweet and pays attention to every little detail. She makes sure I am super happy with my hair before I leave. The smoothies are delicious and the staff are knowledgeable about the smoothies and mix ins to help you pick the right one. I don’t tan but the cocoon bed is AMAZING!

Ann Ellington Lawrence

So I stopped by this afternoon for a quick tan because I’ve been too busy to lay out. I will never go anywhere else!!! I absolutely love this place form the warm, welcoming service to the atmosphere along with the variety of offers, beds, products and much much more!! Friendly, clean and all around great!

Jennifer Anne Dickens

Image by Sean O.

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